First post on this new blog

As Local As Possible is a project to remind us of the immense power our purchasing and investing decisions have on job creation and in turn a healthy sustainable local economy.  Odom RE-USE Co. has been sponsoring a one page web site, and conducted a workshop at Great Lakes Bioneers conference on Oct 16th, 2010 on the topic.  We hope to gather and share ideas and concerns, and relay information as to developments in the Traverse City five county area as they occur.  A follow up to the workshop is certainly in order, I am in the process of connecting with the most interested parties – Bay Bucks, MLUI, The Chamber, Goldeneye Asset Management and The Council of Governments.

The workshop notes are in two separate postings immediately below, but are intended as one post.

These were additional comments made by attendees that missed the email to everyone, and may just be a phrase or a though.  The copy of the email summary follows in post #2:

    Connect Environmental issues w/local issues, w/housing, transportation, energy
    Being inspirational, intentional
    Price difference local vs. non local being a roadblock, not doing the math on what value truly is.
    Film production in our area
    A general discomfort with discussing money

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