Transfer of workshop Bioneer conference workhop notes to this media.

I copied the workshop attendees notes over so they can be refered to if you like.
Attendees (32)  introductions and concerns regarding local economy and business/jobs:
Overall, energy was mentioned more than any other single subject. Co-ordination of energy supply between different localities, that renewables are misunderstood/resisted, permitting, technical advice, best practices, finding money for development, and how it relates back to local economy and sustainable jobs. “$20 million spent out of area to buy power”.  Why not spend some of that here? http://www.TC     Reconditioned Danish windmills in T.C., Phil Von Voightlander, Northport.      Benzie farmers have 2000 acres, suggesting 27 windmills? Kay Bond, BACON.
“Community is where it’s at.”  Personal connections in lending, knowing who is using your money and for what good.  People who mentioned interest in investing locally- 5 or 6.  Zach Liggett, Goldeneye Investing, socially responsible investors –customize portfolios. Peer to peer lending.  Connect the trio of customer/business/non-profit with special offers and promotions.  Local equity investing on small scale.
MLUI – economic development thru an environmental lens considering zoning regs. , natural resources, our region’s strength is in local food economy.
Oryana – owned by membership.  40% of owner equity can be re-invested in a new business.  Works with 90 vendors now.  Organic local foods.  Education is important.  A pillar of community support for over 37 years.
Bay Bucks discussion – to get an anchor, and in turn increased circulation, ask Trav.City manager to consider using BB for a percent of city employees pay, opt in, opt out.  Ask Doug Luciani at the Chamber if they would consider a percent of BB from members to pay dues.  Consider making a product or service available ONLY with BB.
Meeting schedules……..
Notes on the notes:
I took editorial license to praise those who I felt deserved notice, and to add in remarks I had heard during prep to the meeting from the same speaker.  Apologies to comments left out due to incomplete note taking. It is not too late to correct my notes, let me know.
Post Script
I wish we had had an extra 30 minutes during the workshop to get into the heart of the matter, but I was pleased at the breadth and depth of everyone’s interest.  At this point I feel a responsibility to proceed deliberately – to not create what already exists in the form of a new group.  Patty O’Donnell at NWMiCOG has shown the lead here, and is meeting to discuss avoiding duplication of efforts by the varied groups NOW in operation on Nov. 16th 10:00 at her office.  Please contact her if interested.  The Chamber has an obvious advantage as an existing, funded organizer of local business, and is a changed place in recent years.  Bay Bucks dovetails perfectly with any efforts of a locally owned business support group.  At a minimum these three groups need to hear each other and try to collaborate.
My first goal is to pursue these discussions while investigating a locally owned business coupon book, modeled after the one in Grand Rapids.  Talk is swell, action is even better.  I promise I won’t start a new group just to do a coupon book.

Thank you for attending, listening and contributing.