An accounting for the "cost of nature consumed"

The steering committee for As Local As Possible group met this evening and made the first attempt as a group to define a mission.  I offered a draft mission statement as folllows:

“Advocacy for and awareness building of the power of local owned businesses. These businesses create the most jobs, help to build a resilient community, and provide a model of commerce which accounts for the cost of nature consumed in the process.
Promote spending and investing as locally as possible to further this mission”

Although this did not satisfy everyone’s view, there was quite a bit of support for a Green Directory modeled after the Green Pages online. A tangible goal of mine is a directory of local owned and operated business, whether it be printed or online or both.

Bay Bucks collaboration was again mentioned, and the offer from TCLP to consider accepting Bay Bucks in payment of your light bill was an opportunity to build upon.  Charlie Wunsch agreed to pen a letter offering just such support which could be posted on social media – thanks Charlie.

Janice Benson commented that education wove together with advocacy, and is a very slow process in the case of Taste a Local Difference – how even after 8 years and a successful outcome some people don’t quite get the mission of TLD.  She also suggested that the Chamber of Commerce should be encouraged to work together with us on this.  I assured her their continued participation would be most welcomed, as Tino Breithapt from the Chamber attended the workshop back in October.

Zack Liggett made a suggestion for a networking group that would draw together all similar mission organizations as a type of coalition, combining a speaker program and socializing time with those working on similar issues.  Getting an opportunity to hear what others are doing, and hear the back story could be interesting and inspiring, as well as seek advice from specialists on a range of topics.
Conversation followed that pointed out the limitation of “local” and advocated for a more “triple bottom line” value basis, collectively considering the societal, economic and environmental impact.

Inserting the word “sustainable” next to local could be easily done.

This is hard stuff to do, and apparently limitless in the scope – as was evident in the meeting.  Participants were invited to write up their interests in the way of a Mission Statement before the next meeting.

The steering committee next meets March 1st from 1:00 to 2:30 again at the Commons conference room second floor of the annex above Cuppa Joe’s restaurant.  Please feel free to join us, and if this will be your first meeting- let us know if you will be joining us on that date by commenting below, or emailing to