Directory of Local Business has a big supporter!

NW Mich Council of governments has given initial indication they will discuss the idea and lend staff time to creating a directory of local owned/operated business in our region, and possibly take on as an in house project.  This, coupled with the recent news that TCLP would like to hear from ratepayers if they would like to spend Baybucks in paying their light bill, gives tangible momentum to focus on localism.

What are your thoughts?

Steering committee meets this Tues, March 1st at 6:00 p.m. at the second flr. conf. room at the building 50 annex at the Commons-(above Cuppa Joe’s)
Please comment below if you are interested in attending, with your contact information, in the event of any last minute venue change – like if we all want to get dinner out, for example.