October 2012 Meeting Recap – MiFarmMarket.com

The featured entrepreneur at our October potluck meeting was Scotty Bruce of MiFarmMarket.com. Scotty and his family have run a business that supports smaller scale specialty food producers in the region with a storefront in Ellsworth and the online presence of MiFarmMarket. Scotty’s high-energy presentation included a history of the business—the original retail store in Ellsworth, growth of online sales including drop-ship sales and corporate gift basket programs, and a second retail outlet at Building 50 at the Commons. MiFarmMarket.com is growing rapidly and ramping up for the important holiday gifting season. For those interested in learning more about Scotty’s business, his capital needs, or opportunities for online networking, pre-selling programs, etc, he can be reached here: Scotty@MiFarmMarket.com or 866-544-1088.