April 2014 ALAP Meeting Recap

The ALAP gang met April 10 for our monthly potluck meeting at MLUI. After chowing down on some great grub, we heard from our first presenter, Dr. Michael Burr. Mike has been a practicing chiropractor for many years and has also done extensive research in the areas of natural medicine and weight loss techniques. He aims to “save the planet – one ecosystem at a time” by opening a weight loss clinic here in Traverse City that brings a diverse set of tools and techniques to clients including infrared saunas, body wraps, whole body vibration, self-mastery technique, and high quality supplements to name just a few. Mike is looking to establish a stand-alone clinic that can ultimately serve as a model for future roll-outs throughout the state. He is looking for an investor partner to help launch this clinic and can be reached at burrnopain@aol.com. Also, check out his website at www.rapidleaning.com.

Our second presenter was Stephen Ezell of Selestial Soap who Skyped in from an install of a commercial laundry project he was working on in Grand Rapids. Selestial, a TC-based manufacturer of naturally non-toxic household detergents has been an ALAP presenter before and received a small loan from an ALAP member last fall. Stephen explained that in addition to steady growth on the consumer side of its business, it is also gaining rapid traction on the commercial side, where it has invented a unique cold-water system for hotels and other commercial laundry users. This system brings customers significant reductions in both energy and water bills. Initial installs over the last few months have shown very strong results. After Stephen wrapped up his “live” tour of the Grand rapids hotel install, Selestial’s controller, Gary Poynter, gave us an update on Selestial’s finances and updated us on the company’s near-term capital needs and opportunities for smaller loans ($5k increments) to fund the company’s growing pipeline. Those interested in learning more can check out www.selestialsoap.com or contact Stephen (Stephen@SelestialSoap.com).

Following the presentations, we chatted a bit about ALAP business including the recent positive article in Northern Express. We are waiting on several applications for potential speakers at the May meeting (May 8, 6-8pm @ MLUI) and will send out a blast with more details in the next week or two.