June 2014 ALAP Meeting Recap

June 2014 ALAP Meeting Recap

The ALAP crew met for our final potluck meeting ahead of our summer break. Presenting to us was the team from DW North, Inc, who introduced us to their 911 Medical Alert. Denny Corrado and partner Wendy Corona showed us their company’s core product, a pre-programmed flash drive designed to provide first responders with emergency contact and medical information. The drives are manufactured in different form factors including credit card, swivel/keychain, dog tag and wristbands. Users choose which information they would like to share and input the data on a computer in the privacy of their homes. Data is then uploaded to the drives, and the drives are carried in one of the form factors. In the event of an emergency, first responders can plug the drives into their onboard computers and alter their treatment accordingly based on any special needs. With a $24.95 price point and no ongoing fees, the product seems like an elegantly simple solution that just might make a life-saving difference in a wide variety of applications. So far, Denny and Wendy have received strong interest from schools, parents, nursing home operators, travel industry leaders and first responders and are looking for capital to grow their distribution. For those interested in learning more, please contact them (sales@911-medicalalert.com) or check out their website (www.911-medicalalert.com).

Following DW North’s presentation, our group discussed a variety of topics including a recent workshop on Michigan crowdfunding led by Kate Redman and an Ecovillage project group being led by Gary Woodcock. We will take the next two months off and reconvene September 11 for a potluck group planning meeting. Have a great summer and keep the impact coming!