February 2015 ALAP Meeting Recap

ALAPers braved a chilly  evening on February 12 to hear a presentation from Andy Gale of Bay Area Recycling for Charities (BARC). After a delicious potluck, and introductions which included a few new faces, Andy jumped right in and gave us an overview of BARC’s evolution to date.  Since starting six years ago with a single employee (himself) and a truck, BARC has grown organically and through a spree of acquisitions.  The non-profit now does more than a million bucks in annual revenues with a portion each year given back to local charities.

Andy and one of his team members, Jordan Byron, then dove deeper into the compostables division at BARC, which is set to be one of the organization’s fastest growers.  BARC is exploring several structural options for this unit, which sells compostable service-ware to wholesale accounts and event-organizers.  Andy and the gang are looking at the possibility of spinning the compostables business into a new, for-profit business, keeping it within BARC, or pursuing one of many potential hybrid structures. To grow, they will likely need some working capital to fund their inventory build and accounts receivable.

Connections were made and several ALAPers expressed interest in doing a follow-up visit to BARC headquarters to learn more, potentially as an “off-site” meeting for our April get-together.  But before that, our next potluck meeting is planned for Thursday, March 12 @ MLUI from 6-8pm. Maura Boland of Alaska Premium Seafoods will present.  More details will follow.  Until then, stay warm everyone!