June 2015 ALAP Meeting Recap

The ALAP crew met for a final potluck meeting before a summer break.  This month’s meeting was a double-feature with a short presentation from Benjamin Popa and a longer discussion with Sara Landry Ryder.  Benjamin introduced us to King of Returnables (KOR), a venture he’s started in Cedar.  KOR is a business designed to help local non-profits raise funds by collecting returnable cans and bottles. Benjamin is seeking funds to build an expanded pilot project of ten collection boxes to be set in Leelanau County.  We discussed additional ideas with Benjamin in the short time we had with him and came away quite impressed with his passion for the business and the good it can bring to the community.  For those interested in learning more, Benjamin can be reached here:  info@kingofreturnables.com.

After Benjamin, we learned about Sara’s bold expansion plans for her food company, The Redheads.  Sara is in the process of moving her production operation to the Dome on Barlow and is exploring a variety of options to finance the expansion.  The Redheads currently produces 18 different food products, including a range of Hummus, salad dressings, and sauces, with a strong focus on sustainability including the use of local and organic ingredients.  Sara sells to 160 stores in Michigan and Indiana as well as from her cafes in Leelanau County, and online.  We had a wide range of preliminary questions for Sara and discussed other financing options including the possibility of a crowdfunding campaign.  It was clear that she has thought hard about this move and is excited for what the future brings.  For those interested in learning more, check out http://www.redheadsinc.com or connect with Sara (sarah@redheadsinc.com).

ALAP will take a break from the potluck routine until September.  In the meantime, though, we are still lining up presenters for our Fall meetings.  Please be in touch if you would like to present and connect your triple bottom line business with our growing group of local investors.  Happy Summer!