May 2016 ALAP Meeting Recap

The ALAP gang convened 5/12 for a final potluck meeting before our summer break.  We enjoyed fine food and inspiring presentations from two excellent speakers.

Leading off was singer-songwriter May Erlewine.  May has been performing and writing music professionally for over a dozen years with multiple solo and duo records under her belt.  She shared with us her plans to take on one of her most ambitious projects yet and her exploration of new funding sources to bring it together.  We were also treated to a soulful, live performance of her song “Wild.”  May hopes to complete fund development for the project in the next month so that she can begin pre-production work.  She’s put together a comprehensive project summary which can be found at this link and welcomes any input and support we can offer to her endeavor.  To learn more, please contact May directly at

After May’s  presentation, it was Kelly Ignace’s turn to present her exciting new business plan for  Many know Kelly from her days in the recycling field with American Waste, where she had a senior position in marketing and PR.  Kelly has identified a unique e-commerce consolidation opportunity in the $150 million market for wood slabs.  She envisions a one-stop, virtual platform that brings together a highly fragmented global market of wood slab vendors and customers like architects, artisans and DIYers.  Kelly has developed a comprehensive plan to bring this vision to reality and is now in the process of developing funding support.  She has an extensive due diligence package ready for those who would like to learn more and can be reached via email (

ALAP will take off the summer months, although we continue to build our pipeline of speakers for our Fall potluck meetings.  Should you run across triple-bottom-line entrepreneurs with projects to fund, please let them know about us as we’d love to hear from them.   Happy summer everyone!