November 2016 ALAP Meeting Recap

The ALAP gang met for our last potluck meeting of 2016 and enjoyed a triple-feature slate of presenters.  Lisa Richter Manrow of For Now Tiny Homes introduced the company she and her husband Jon are building to bring a taste of the tiny home phenomenon to Northern Michigan.  The couple has been experimenting with tiny home building and living for several years and are planning to build their next home in 2017.  They are exploring various options to help fund its construction, including alternative/local capital. Interested in learning more?  Check out their site ( or shoot them an email (

Up next was Dennis Bean-Larson from ERG Foods, a healthy snack company based in TC. Dennis and his wife Katy made significant strides since presenting to ALAP several years ago.  Their fruit and nut bars made with simple, natural ingredients now come in a variety of flavors including Apple Ginger, Chocolate Hemp, and Sunflower Fig.  They can be bought online or throughout the state at a growing number of retail outlets.  ERG is looking to scale up production and is looking to invest in new equipment that makes packaging more efficient.  For folks interested in learning more, Dennis is happy to give a tour of his production facility and walk you through his business plan (

Last to present was Paul Murray, another former ALAP presenter who gave us an update on his mission to bring the LifeHouse concept to Northern Michigan.  Paul has seen the positive impact a raw foods diet can have firsthand and is working on finding partners to bring a sustainable, raw foods-focused retreat center to Northern Michigan that can be replicated in communities around the country.  Care to explore this concept further?  Connect with Paul (

With the holidays right around the corner, we wish all ALAP fans a warm and joyful holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.  We will hit the ground running with our first potluck meeting of the year on January 12 and hope to see you then.  Should you come across local business owners seeking local, triple-bottom-line focused investors, please encourage them to check out ALAP!