April 2017 ALAP Meeting Recap

On 4/13, the ALAP crew met for our general potluck meeting at the Groundwork Center.  This month we were joined by Jill Grenchik who is in the planning phase of a new food business she expects to launch later this year.  Jill has been perfecting her fruit leather recipes and production process and plans to source her fruit as locally as possible given the wide variety of supply in the region.  We enjoyed samples of her product and learned about the various resources she’s already connected with, including Score and MSU Extension.  Keep an eye out later this year as Jill may do some test launching at local farm markets before phasing into larger scale production.

After our chat with Jill, we spent the remainder of the meeting discussing an upcoming Community Investing Forum that several ALAP members will be involved with this June and shared some initial thoughts on the future of ALAP.  More details will be sent out in the weeks ahead on the Community Investing Forum, which aims to build awareness of the “whys” and “hows” around local investing as well as some practical ways for investors of all backgrounds to try local investing “now.”  We will take an early “summer break” from the potluck meeting format to focus on the forum and collect ideas on how to take ALAP forward in the fall.  If you have ideas you’d like to share regarding the future of ALAP, please drop us a line (aslocalaspossible@gmail.com) and stay tuned for more info on the June event!