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The New American Localism

Take a look at this NPR piece on the shift to local everything.

As Local As Possible Meeting #2 Recap

We are an informal group of Northern Michigan citizens seeking to have more local impact and connectedness with our money.  We gather once a month for a potluck and to meet local entrepreneurs… Continue reading

First connection introduced by ALAP between a lender and borrower

The first connection between a lender and borrower who were introduced at an ALAP potluck meeting has happened.On December 8th ALAP meeting held at the Michigan Land Use Institute offices Odom RE-USE Co.… Continue reading

Reminder: ALAP Potluck Thursday December 8

Reminder:  Our next potluck/networking meeting is Thursday, December 8 from 6-9pm at Michigan Land Use Institute Headquarters (MLUI) (148 E Front St). Potluck starts at 6pm with Susan Shields (Good Harbor Farm) and… Continue reading

As Local As Possible Meeting Recap

Bruce and Cathy Odom hosted a wonderful potluck and planning meeting for the refresh of As Local As Possible (ALAP).  Around a dozen of us discussed a new, community investing orientation for the… Continue reading

Legalizing Local Investment

Picked up this post from Michael Shuman @ where he points out another 99% that could use some attention:  the 99% of Americans essentially prohibited from investing locally. Shuman points out that the… Continue reading

Check Out The 3/50 Project

Recently came across this project: They also have their own LookLocal app: Reminded me of MLUI’s Spend 10. From the 3/50 project site: 3: What three independently owned business world you miss… Continue reading

Bioneers update

A workshop held at Great Lakes Bioneers summarized the accomplishments of our group for the past year.  We also outlined how other investing platforms now available work, in particular small club type groups… Continue reading

Criteria being defined for "local business"

Shauna Fite,  Andy Gale, Rolf VonWalthausen and I met to par down the definition of “local business” recently at MLUI’s Traverse City offices.  Parallel metrics of green and local are being used to… Continue reading

Who issues your credit cards….. Chase and the other GIANTS, or a local bank?

This article from the Huffington Post from over a year ago outlines the effect of non-local financial institutions controlling your credit card fees.  It’s a quick read, check it out. A well… Continue reading