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Directory of Local Business has a big supporter!

NW Mich Council of governments has given initial indication they will discuss the idea and lend staff time to creating a directory of local owned/operated business in our region, and possibly take on… Continue reading

An accounting for the "cost of nature consumed"

The steering committee for As Local As Possible group met this evening and made the first attempt as a group to define a mission.  I offered a draft mission statement as folllows: “Advocacy… Continue reading

Light & Power considers Bay Bucks

Traverse City Light & Power needs to hear from its rate payers if you want to see Bay Bucks taken in payment for electricity.  If you are a customer of TCLP, just put… Continue reading

How does resilience tie into As Local As Possible?

I am coming fresh from a taping of an Up North TV program* with host Dave Barrons, and drawing together the threads of connection between issues, thinking of what I should have said… Continue reading

Michigan Green Consortium and Clean Up Green Up fever.

The Michigan Green Consortium is a good sized group (40?) businesses and non-profits that was formed about 2 years ago with a goal of attracting green businesses and promoting green practices.  I am… Continue reading

Jan 14th notes cont’d – setting the bar high – a directory….

This is the second half of the Jan. 14th meeting notes, see below for first half. “Setting the bar high” for defining what businesses we want to promote was one suggestion that stood… Continue reading

Notes meeting Jan 14th

 The first follow up meeting of  group since October workshop was recently held at the Commons conference room in the annex of Building 50.  15 people attended, including a few first timers. To… Continue reading

Developments since workshop

Since Bioneers, I have had the opportunity to meet with MLUI, the Northwest Michigan Council of governments (NWMCOG), and Goldeneye Asset Management. MLUI was not especially interested in a publication of either a… Continue reading

Transfer of workshop Bioneer conference workhop notes to this media.

I copied the workshop attendees notes over so they can be refered to if you like. Attendees (32)  introductions and concerns regarding local economy and business/jobs: Overall, energy was mentioned more than any… Continue reading

First post on this new blog

WelcomeAs Local As Possible is a project to remind us of the immense power our purchasing and investing decisions have on job creation and in turn a healthy sustainable local economy.  Odom RE-USE… Continue reading