ALAP Investment

A small intimate group of local individuals could pool their money and agree to make a micro-loan to a certain type of local business. In doing so they are a stepping stone for that business to grow into needing more money, and in turn becomes a customer for a local bank. The benefit to the lenders is

Knowing where their money is and what it is doing, and

  1. Interest at a rate potentially higher than they we otherwise receive, should they choose to charge that amount, but also a feeling of accomplishment in community building, creating a job for their neighbor’s kid down the street, maybe jobs for the parents too.
  2. Risk of lending might be lessened by the lenders becoming closely involved with coaching, mentoring and advertising for the business via word of mouth, the best means of marketing, and sustainable. When you market a community business, you create community with the 3rd party – letting them into your “club” of inside knowledge. They sort of join your tribe if they like what you like.

An equity investment group is being discussed among parties interested in the As Local As Possible project. If you would like to be included in these discussions, please contact us via the email to One suggestion is to invest in assets of a business as a group, and resell them back to the growing business as they are able to take on the payment. Assets such as land and improvements.